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 Many are the pains I have received,

  Yearning for peace my heart conceived.


 Hopeful plans to bring to that end,

  Endearing thoughts of you, my friend.

   Affixed to your image in my mind,

    Reassures, you’re one of a kind.

     To hold you close, to hold you near,


 Desire speaks, but will you hear?

  Over many lines my pen has flowed,

   Engraving thoughts, it’s tip has glowed.

    Seeking to capture your very soul,


 Yielding not, till achieved that goal.

  Ever holding that precious prize,

  Abound with tears and silent sighs.

   Rapt with the beauty of your being,

    Nurtured by -----, what I’m seeing.


 For you are beautiful O’Woman of mine,

  Offence take not, for I know you’re kind.

   Rest your hand upon my heart,


 Your senses explode, then will start.

  Overtures of words, verse and phrase,

   Unity that will bring our Father praise.


Pablo – February 1996


Written by Paul V Jennings