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 Beautiful is your form to me,

  Respected are your thoughts to be.

   Open please to this your friend,

    There are feelings that he wants to mend.

     Hopeful of an endearing peace,

      Embracing thoughts that do not cease.

       Relying on his father he has to wait,

        Longing for you to be his mate.

         Yearnings come and will not depart,


          Affections grow within the heart.

           Fascinated by your feminine charm,

            Friendship nurtured and kept from harm.

             Enchanted with your lovely smile,

              Compassion please show for awhile.

               Tender phases he wants to sing,

                Into your life forever bring.

                 Observe please and you will see,

                  No one loves you more than he.


Pablo January 1995


Written by Paul V Jennings